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Key Trend To Watch: The new Trump administration is expected to reduce regulations affecting small businesses.  Nominees during senatorial vetting sessions have indicated desire to role back many Obama era regulations.  With energy prices stabilizing, costs to run operations will become more predictable.  Interest rates are expected to go higher.

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New Book:  97+ Experts Advise On Growing Small Businesses


By JoAnn Laing

While four out of five start-ups fail within five years, successful entrepreneurs often have common traits or habits.

Our company, Information Strategies, Inc., recently asked more than 100 presidents, experts, and advisors to contribute to our new book, RECALCULATING.  Among the things we asked were their thoughts on what were the traits they found most common to their success.

The results surprised some when they heard them, but after reflection seem logical.

Among them were:

·         Passion and commitment

·         Understanding the importance of customer service

·         Attention to the bottom-line

·         Choosing the right employees and partners

·         Ability to bounce back from adversity

·         Balancing work/life commitment

Let’s examine each in turn.


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