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New Book:  97+ Experts Advise On Growing Small Businesses


By JoAnn Laing

Critical to success is being cognizant, controlling the key factors in growing a small business.

On a general basis those factors are:

·         Understanding what is the basic sell factor of the products/services

·         Knowing who can benefit from the company’s offering

·         Amassing enough financing to accomplish goals

·         Employing the right key personnel to make things happen

·         Being passionate about the company

·         Using smart marketing to reach, sell purchasers

·         Leveraging technology

While most experts agree on what those factors are, recognizing, gaining control of them is often overlooked when making key growth decisions.

Often, small business leaders turn to consultants or other experts to provide guidance and support.

Taking this idea a step further, Small Business Digest asked proven industry leaders to provide their thoughts on these areas to fill our audience’s need for expert advice to grow their businesses.

Titled RECALCULATING, 97+ EXPERTS ON DRIVING SMALL BUSINESS GROWTH offers strategic, tactical, tested solutions to a variety of problems and from a multitude of expert sources.

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