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Five Challenges Facing Small Businesses

As the fall months begin, small business leaders start to think about end-of-year activites.

In a recent survey of owners/presidents, five issues remain
uppermost in their minds:

  • Improving sales, profits as the year wanes.
  • Anticipating financial needs in an uncertain economic
  • Coming changes in healthcare benefits and how to fund higher costs, educate employees.
  • Evolving technologies adding to their ability to serve clients while making it easier for competitors to enter the market.
  • Changing staffing make-up and greater employee demands.
  • In coming weeks, Small Business Digest will be addressing these and other vital issues here in this website, on its radio program, and in its magazine.

Three of five respondents to the survey said adding sales above beginning year forecasts were the most important task they faced.

Uncertainty and fear of interest rates rising was second in importance as reported by respondents.

The onset of new rules and renewal rates are driving many small business leaders to seriously consider radical changes in their healthcare benefit plans. Large and small enterprises expect to change their plans by 2016. Many small businesses are opting for consumer directed offerings. They are expected to be a majority of healthcare benefit plans by 2017.

The movement to the cloud and the appearance of enhanced technology are changing the way 55% of small business leaders expect to manage their businesses by 2016.

The advent of younger employees combined with older workers continuing to stay employed is driving radical changes in how small business leaders manage their workforce.