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The World Changing For Small Businesses

The end of 2014 really means the beginning of 2015 and with the new year, new challages..

Today in America, there are more small businesses for sale than in the past 20 years. The primary reasons, experts opine are:

  • Generational change as older owners seek a cushion for retirement.
  • Children of entrepreneurs seemingly reluctant to go into the family business.
  • Regulatory environment coupled with healthcare changes sapping many owners.
  • Technology is changing how products are produced, promoted, sold.
  • In coming weeks, Small Business Digest will be addressing these and other vital issues here in this website, on its radio program, and in its magazine.

2015 appears to be ushering in new trends directly affecting small business leaders and their enterprises:

Economy continues to sputter and real growth only an illusion. 61% of small business respondents said revenues, profits have been flat or declining the past three years.

A majority (59%) do not expect this trend to change in 2015.

71% of respondents expected personal, business healthcare costs to rise significantly in 2015.

The movement to the cloud and the appearance of enhanced technology are changing the way 55% of small business leaders expect to manage their businesses through the cloud by 2016.

The advent of younger employees combined with older workers continuing to stay employed is driving radical changes in how small business leaders manage their workforce.