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Marcus Lemonis’ Keys to Success: People, Process, Product

HANDING OVER THE KEYS: Marcus Lemonis is an American success story rooted in hard work, business acumen and an understanding of the basis of small-business  success. [more]

Using Keywords To Improve Search Engine Optimization, Add Profits

These days, running a business without an online presence is the equivalent of delivering pizzas using a horse and buggy. Sure, technically it's possible, but one will start out vastly behind the curve, and any customers acquired will only see the business as a novelty operation. [more]

Achieve Greater ROI At Trade Shows By Avoiding Mistakes

While marketers often give a great deal of attention to what happens on the trade show floor, many don’t apply the necessary focus to their pre  and post-show activities. [more]

Why Companies Need Social Media Policies

It happens repeatedly. A person posts a photo or video of themselves engaging in egregious behaviors online: tampering with food, destroying property, ranting against the boss. Companies have always had to deal with problem employees and problems at work—social media has just  shone a spotlight on these behaviors. [more]

Theft And Fraud Can Be Curbed With Smart Procedures

Many experts think the economy is rebounding. What is not declining is the number of thefts from employees, especially in small businesses. A  recent survey by Information Strategies, Inc. showed the rate of discovered employee thefts actually went up in the first six months of this year. [more]

Six Customer Service Tools To Increase Sales

Shep Hyken, the Chief Amazement Officer at Shepard Presentations offers tips on creating a customer service ethic that builds loyal relationships with their customers and employees. As Hyken points out  “while this may seem a little like ‘Retail 101,’ don’t be fooled by their simplicity.” [more]

Entering The Cloud Means Having A Security Program In Place

Building a cloud security policy is a crucial step to take before diving into the cloud to ensure maximum benefits are achieved and data is secure. [more]

Cloud Offerings Speed Small Business Efforts

In a competitive small business field, speed and agility are essential for success. CMO of DigitalOcean, Mitch Wanier details how managing data and operations information are increasing at an  ever-quickening pace, on that is especially hard for companies striving to expand. [more]


Cloud Product Guide For Small Business

This extensive guide for small business leaders in need of cloud offerings details 25 of the leading cloud products. It includes descriptions, website links, contact email addresses and logos for each company. [more]

How To Avoid The Seven Deadly Sins Committed By Small Business Leaders

Each small business leader has his or her own way of building their enterprise. What Karen Schenck has  uncovered are the most common “sins” of small business leaders. She offers the following strategies to avoid these errors and more effectively manage an enterprise to greater growth. [more]

Optimism & Can-Do Attitude Are A Strategy for Success

Fitness guru Tony Little is a face that many across the country have become accustomed to seeing on television, often shouting enthusiastic phrases such as “You can do it!” to encourage those he mentors on the path to healthy living. However, very few know the story behind Little’s overwhelming success. [more]

Zebras and Cheetahs Can Tame The Five-Ton Company Gorilla

An organization’s culture can stifle change, innovation but can be harnessed. There is a 10,000-pound gorilla in many companies. This giant beast is known by a second name—culture. Understanding and taming this force is imperative because its destructive behaviors can keep any company’s tribe from doing what it was brought together to do. [more]

Getting the Most out of Star Performers Requires Thought, Planning, Incentives

Ordinary just won’t succeed anymore. Organizations will increasingly depend on cutting-edge solutions to never-before-seen problems and clever ideas for those recurring headaches that have always plagued companies. According to Dr. Linda D. Henman, “research indicates that a handful of star performers create the vast majority of valuable ideas for their organizations.” [more]

It's Easy To Forget Direct Mail Is Still a Valuable Tool For Any Small Business

Jim Federico, Vice President of Sales at Offset Impressions, Inc., suggests postcards, special offers, brochures and newsletters can be very effective in acquiring and maintaining customers.

As Federico points out, the goal for using direct mail is usually one of the following: [more]

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