Six Things To Keep Top Of Mind In Today's World

Starting a business is one of the most thrilling endeavors but it can also be challenging as it is often hard to know what to do or how to start.

According to Leslie Barber, Small Business Engagement Officer, Intuit there are more resources than ever to help entrepreneurs get their start and making the process an easy one. Below are six tips to help any small business get up and running.

1.       Setting up: A business should always be set up properly. This is critical because it can be hard to unwind any missteps later down the road. All small business owners should be up to snuff on city, state and industry legal requirements and understand taxes.

2.       Getting Paid: There are many tools available to determine what payment method is the best to get the most out of each type of business sale, whether it be a mobile payment solution, cash register, invoicing, e-commerce, subscriptions or a mix-and-match. Business owners should also make sure they are seeing some of the revenue themselves to keep them motivated.

3.       Creating a Website: The world is already digital and soon to be mobile-first. Businesses need an online footprint to not miss out on any potential customers or sales. Being mobile friendly from the start will also make sure small businesses are ahead of the curve.

4.       Doing Accounting: Small business owners often find it beneficial to work with an accountant, while others prefer to do accounting themselves. Regardless of strategy, tracking income and expenses from the start will help inform every important business decision and make tax season much easier.  

5.       Hiring Employees: Small business owners can do anything, just not everything. It is essential to hire the right people to help grow a business. Small business owners should follow state and federal guidelines and regulations. A payroll service is also beneficial to ease tax season.

6.       Getting Advice: Launching a business takes a village. Small business owners benefit from reaching out to others in their same positions to get advice and hear about different experiences. Legal counsel and financial help from an accountant can bring peace of mind during an often bumpy process.  

While the tasks at hand may seem daunting, there are resources to help all small business owners. The How To Start A Business guide on the QuickBooks Small Business Center has tips and tricks for moving forward the right way.