Five Tips To Reviewing A Small Business Marketing Effort

Every company needs to take a moment and think about what they are doing.
Mike Tinz, VP at Money Mailer, a leader in direct marketing opportunities for local businesses offers the following tips:

  1. Start by auditing your marketing: Is your branding consistent across both web and print? Do you have a social media presence that is updated and interesting? What are you spending and what is the ROI? Are there changes you need or options you should consider?
  2. Competitive comparison: How do your products and services compare to those of your competitors? Find you competitive advantage and build your marketing strategy around that.
  3. Integrate print and online marketing: Can you customers find your online and social media sites on your printed materials and your website? Create a digital tie-in with print mediums – QR code to direct customers to a sale landing page, social campaign or video.
  4. Focus on design and content: How to format ads to get the most ROI, how to get customers to interact and engage with your direct mail advertisements, the importance of a call to action, careful word selection, and how to position exclusive customer benefits.
  5. 5. Check your customer lists: Customer information can quickly change as people move, obtain new email providers, and otherwise change their habits. Make sure the mailing and email addresses you have are still good to reach your appropriate audience.

Here Mike Tiz talk about these ideas on Recalculating Radio.