How To Establish Employee Trust In The Office

Establishing employee trust in the office is key to any successful organization. It’s a simple but imperative fact that is often neglected by many companies. Trust allows your team to move fast, maintain structure, and innovate like never before.

Ty Tucker, CEO of REV, notes that managers who help their teams win increase trust within an organization by consistently communicating and encouraging growth. While receiving a paycheck is generally the primary motivation for employees to come to work, it is vital for the employee and employer to build a relationship. For these relationships to thrive—and employers to successfully manage employees—trust is a must. Below are three ways leaders can build trust into their teams.

  1. Leaders should strive to help their teams win: Trust comes from transparency and alignment across a company so that everyone has the same end goal in mind. While this may seem like a daunting task, managers can embrace technology to help their teams work toward a common goal. Technology, like platforms that manage employee performance and utilize gamification, allow managers to bring a sense of fun to the office, while also opening a line of communication between employees and managers about performance and expectations. When a team is working together with the same end sight in mind, it will lead to increased trust among employees who support one another.
  2. Managers need to consistently communicate with their employees: Another important aspect of workplace trust is communication. This is often learned early on as a child interacting with parents and peers, and it continues to be built upon with the establishment of various relationships including professional ones. Great leaders remember to keep communication at the forefront of their minds at all times, communicating openly, defining expectations, providing recognition when expectations are met, and utilizing failures as constructive coaching opportunities. With regular ongoing dialogue, employees will feel comfortable to speak their minds and bring new ideas to the table. Don’t wait until a performance review to discuss a person’s progression within the company – let employees know how they are growing with regular feedback.L
  3. Leaders should remind employees that their growth is the main goal:The best managers are consistently thinking about how they can invest in their staff to motivate them to do their best, while also keeping them aligned with company goals. They show that they care about their employees’ development and growth by investing time into them. In return, employees feel trusted and value which will result in their best work. This will also allow them to trust in their own capabilities and potential more than ever before.

These tips are just the beginning steps to increase trust across an organization. When managers are able to create trust and respect in the workplace, everyone from the top-down wins in the long run. With these changes, companies will spark a sense of teamwork and trust will ultimately grow.