Rocking The Motorcycle World Leads To Successful Small Business

There is an old marketing adage: Fill a need, make money. Fill a desire, make a fortune.

But often there is more needed.

One man who found a need and filled it has rocked the motorcycle world.

And he credits his success to how he works with his staff.

Adam Xavier, Co-founder and Current CEO, developed a unique motorcycle locking system that soon formed his company known as RoadLok.

Xavier described, “I had many jobs, doing just about anything, during college which inadvertently taught me how to run a business.”

He continued, “I learned to make sure that my employees know that when he asks them to do a task that it is something that he has done and could do it as well to avoid pushback and mistrust.”

Xavier “also takes time to focus on how to get a team to work together effectively.”

He calls them Power Hours!

Xavier explained, “These are times when I listen to everyone’s feedback on the company and its functioning.”

“Once I graduated college and started on Wall Street as a Performance Analyst.” Xavier discussed, “I was going to open a bar but started this business by chance.”

In the beginning “We wrote a business plan and everyday we would work more on the plan and finally we decided to submit it to a company and got funded.”

“We were able to form with a lot of help from investors,” Xavier explains. “ In July 2005, once we came up with the concept, we reached out to my best friend to ask for an investment and he wrote us a check for $15,000.”

Xavier continued, “ We then reached out to another friend in order to develop prototypes, which were produced by March 2006: we started major production in June 2006.”

“What has been available since the 70’s is a lock that goes on the front brake that stops the wheels from being turned all the way,” Xavier explained, “There is no park function on a bike and these locks can be damaging.”

So Xavier decided to “create an all new product, with no competition, that would prevent the motorcycle from being moved.”

RoadLok’s motorcycle brakes “are installed on the braking system and becomes a part of the bike which prevents all movement while bike is locked.”

RoadLok’s are “American made, all domestically. We recently set up a factory in China to serve in India, china and parts of Asia.”

Xavier stated, “Benefits for this product are, if you forget to unlock it you can’t hurt yourself as opposed to the wheel lock will allow you to roll a bit and you can become seriously injured while also damaging the bike.”

“A lot of people don’t realize that you can walk up to a motorcycle and just move it,” Xavier elaborated, “Locking motorcycles is a big industry. We have the weekend warriors in the US. But, overseas they ride motorcycles is a way to get to work. It is just as important as locking you car.”

Xavier states that he “never liked working for people. I felt that I knew more than my managers and as I got older, I realized that I had a better grasp than them. I felt like I could navigate the business world better.”

Xavier advises others to “plan to be committed! There is nothing easy about starting business. There is a mindset: if you truly believe in your product or service, you will not be in that 90% of companies that fail.”

He admitted, “My company has almost failed, but after resetting my focus we are now growing at an even faster rate. You cannot be half in and half out, prepare for a roller coaster of emotions.”