Start Ups

Small Businesses: 5 Expenses That Are Worth Every Penny

Small businesses in their early stages can find it difficult to determine which expenses are vital to the organization and which ones can be cut.
Mike Taylor is a content marketing specialist at Digium says when making those difficult decisions with limited funds, here are 5 expenses worth keeping in the budget.

Two Moms Bring Zen To Slow Cooking

When life adds special burdens to a mother, she sometimes finds a solution that becomes a business.
Such is the case with Meg Barnhart, an Illinois mother in need of extra time for her children, one whom had special needs.
She began using a slow-cooker to prepare family meals.

Five Legal Tips for Startups

When done properly, launching a startup can be an exciting and fulfilling endeavor.  When done improperly, it can be a nightmare.  Unfortunately, in an effort to get the business off the ground, many new founders overlook the importance of legally protecting their business and themselves.  Matthew Horn, Esq. is the President and Co-Founder of Legal Services offers these are five important legal tips for startups.

Military Wife Builds Successful Business Out Of Necessity

A military wife who recognized frequent moves for her husband’s career made finding a worthwhile job difficult decided to strike out on her own.

She also wanted to help other military families.

The result is that Vista Bartholomew has built VistaPix Media into a full service enterprise offering a variety of services including photo scanning, slideshow creation and VHS conversions.