Small Businesses Can Use Technology In The Benefits Area

The to-do lists for small-business owners are often anything but short.
And when it comes to the administration of benefits, the list can sometimes grow out of control.
Benefits administration not only requires time for extensive research on the best possible plan for employees, but it demands the time and tools necessary to educate employees on choosing policies that truly work best for them.
According to Ken Meier, Aflac Northeast Territory vice president, there are new digital tools from insurance providers for small-business employers. They ease the burden of the benefits process.
These new solutions, like those offered by Aflac, provide employers with a comprehensive benefits platform that allows them to effectively choose, communicate, enroll and administer benefits under one system, reducing the time they would spend on each of these tasks. Here are a few advantages of technology that can help streamline your benefits administration:
Greater efficiency: Implementing online platforms into the benefits enrollment experience can lead to a much more efficient process. This type of platform lets employers make specific products and coverage readily available to their employees. Business owners won’t need to make the time to manually enroll each employee or do time-consuming research to answer employee questions. With everything available online, employees can complete the enrollment process when it is most convenient for them.
Simpler education: According to the 2017 Aflac Workforces Report*, 67 percent of employees say reading about benefits is complicated or stressful, so it is vital for small-business owners to provide employees with the information they need to make well-informed decisions about their benefits.
An online platform gives employees access to the information they need to make smart choices and provides an easy, one-page view of all the benefits options and selections available. This makes it even easier for them to recognize any holes they may have in coverage and understand the benefits options that best fit their lifestyles. Ensuring your employees are well-equipped with the knowledge they need to successfully navigate benefits will save them time, help them make the right decisions and maximize the resources your company has to offer.
Easier access: Self-service options are available to employees 24/7 with online benefits platforms, putting resources at the fingertips of employees virtually anywhere, anytime. Employees can receive enrollment deadline reminders, download brochures and educational videos, and get detailed benefits statements.
With the help of technological resources, small-business owners can refocus time and energy into making their business thrive and, at the same time, provide employees with an easy and thoughtful way to choose the best benefits.

Ken Meier is the vice president for Aflac’s Northeast territory. He is responsible for sales, marketing, recruiting and training from Maine to Virginia.