Five Marketing Tips For Start-Ups

Most start-ups begin with an idea or product.

Often the owners focus on getting the product/service perfected without devoting attention to reaching potential users.

According to Alex Cotraviwat, CEO of the Marendo Group the most effective marketing tips he thinks are important include:

1.      Make short-term goals and focus on a specific audience. A lot of startup business companies set unrealistic goals when it comes to marketing. Instead of trying to reach a massive audience, startups should focus on appealing to the individuals most likely to purchase their product or utilize their service.

2.      Utilize social media. Social media is a versatile and inexpensive way to market just about anything. Post interesting and shareable content and make sure to engage with your target audience. 

3.      Sponsor local events or competitions. Local events are an effective way to reach a large audience in a short amount of time for at a relatively small cost. Though you may be one of many sponsors, any opportunity to display your company logo in front of a large group of people is money well spent. 

4.      Focus on inbound marketing. Instead of wasting money on buying expensive ads and using aggressive marketing tactics, creating channels that bring your audience to you on their own accord will act as a lasting and self-sufficient method of marketing. For example, writing guest columns or publishing content that pertains to your industry will draw the attention of your target audience without having to deplete what little resources your company has.

5.      Offer incentives for using the product or service. Providing discount codes and added perks is a great way to encourage people to purchase a product for the first time.