Reclculating Press Release

Ridgefield, NJ----In response to many audience queries on how to grow a company, Small Business Digest solicited contributions from executives and experts who themselves were charged with growing their enterprises.

More than 100 of their contributions are contained in a unique new book Recalculating, 97+ Experts On Driving Small Business Growth. It is available starting September 15th where all good books are sold.

The final contributors include 50+ company presidents; executives from firms such as HP. Intuit, First Data, AFLAC, YP; and entrepreneurs such as JD Powers, John Sculley, and Marcus Lemonis.

The title of the book comes from the common GPS word heard when traveling and a possible course correction is suggested.

Recalculating a company is akin to trying another road suggested by a trusted source. In this case 97+ experts offering their take on key decisions small business leaders need to make.

While an alternative travel direction can be successful for a traveler, a specific set of recalculated plans, action steps, and goals are crucial and often more difficult to settle upon for growing a company. 

The book published by Brick Tower Press addresses five critical activities:

                Leadership---how to efficiently organize assets to realize business goals

                Finance---ways of finding, managing the funds to start, run, improve, reward

   Marketing and Sales---strategies for informing, motivating prospects to consider then purchase offerings

               Human Capital---methods of better recruiting, managing, inspiring an engaged workforce

  Operations and Technology---improving the process of producing the goods and services needed to satisfy customers and utilizing technology to do so

Available in ebook and paperback version, Recalculating, 97+ Experts On Driving Small Business Growth was curated by JoAnn M. Laing, Chairperson of Small Business Digest’s parent company, Information Strategies, Inc. Small Business Digest is entering its 17th year as a go-to source for information for the small business community.