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New Ways Of Insuring Small Business SEO Success

The old days of SEO “hacks” are finished.

Bedros Keuilian who head swww.fitbodybootcamp.com argues small business owners need to start thinking about SEO differently. Now more than ever, “friendly” is the operative word in “SEO friendly.”

Here are what Keuilian’s believes are his foolproof techniques he uses  in his own businesses to stay on top of SEO.

Five Ways To Deal With Small Business Setbacks

Setbacks. Every small business owner and entrepreneur encounters them at some point as they build their startup.

What separates successful businesses from those less likely to succeed is their ability to overcome adversity, learn from their mistakes and come back better than ever.

Donald Cyprian, Founder of Instant Christ™, the first-ever Christian and faith-based social media platform, offers 5 ways to deal with startup setbacks:

Holiday Time Can Be Used Creatively

Great inventors typically don’t just have one or two terrific ideas — they are always thinking of new and better products. If inventing is in your blood, chances are new ideas occur to you during your daily life as well. But the holidays aren’t an ordinary time, and the change in routine can be a major distraction — or an inspiration.

Nicole Lininger Director of Corporate Communications at InventHelp®,Here are some tips to help you make sure your holiday season is filled with new ideas: 

Keeping Things Simple Can Lead To Greater Profits

Some small businesses are run very simply.

Donavan Janus launched his company, 17hats based on keeping management tools simple.

Here is his six steps to simplifying management while still keeping close tabs on the business.

5 Tips For Starting A Small Business From Scratch

It takes an idea, commitment and a good bit of courage for an aspiring business owner to start a business. 

It also takes time, money and a little bit of luck to really make it work.  But, even if an entrepreneur is starting a business solo, he or she doesn’t need to feel alone.

Childhood Jam Making Leads To Home-Based Business

Childhood jam maker turned her hobby into a successful organic, non-GMO food business from her home.

California native Marilyn Johnson is the founder of Spread the Love Jams & Jellies, an in demand fruit spread company.

The jams are made in a home kitchen and the flavors range from classic strawberry and blackberry to exotic flavors such as cranberry habanero, apricot pineapple, pear ginger, pomegranate, and tayberry.