Individual Need, Research Leads To Successful Small Business

Finding a need based on his own experience, one entrepreneur did research before launching his new venture. The effort paid off in a successful business.

For years after Chris Riccobono graduated college, he recalls a struggle with finding a shirt with the perfect fit. He and his peers could never find a button-up shirt that was not too long. Riccobono accounts, “I tried on 150 shirts and not one of them was the perfect fit."

At least 95 percent of men he surveyed had thesame issue of finding a button-up shirt that fit right and did not fall too long.

As a result, Riccobono is the creator of UNTUCKit shirts which are designed to fall at the perfect length and hang with perfect overall fit.

Not content with his initial survey, another survey was conducted to find the measurements for the perfect button-up shirt. After all the research, UNTUCKit’s website was launched in June of 2011.

Having a hard working attitude and unique product has helped Riccobono be successful in his entrepreneurship. That being said, Riccobono has big dreams for UNTUCKit. He hopes to expand the line to golf shirts, sweaters, and women’s clothing.

 Riccobono asserts, “I’d like to become a brand known for falling at the right length. I hope to spread ten to twelve stores around the country.”

Riccobono offers advice to other entrepreneurs through saying, “Don’t rush to launch your company, master the product and make sure the quality is there. It’s going to be a rough journey-- take the bad news and expect issues every step of the way-- keep moving forward and eventually things will turn out just fine.”