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4 Steps To Successfully Bring A Product To Market

For a small business, it can seem like a dream come true when a major retailer says they want to stock your product on their shelves or list it on their website. Part of making this dream a reality is the process of uniquely identifying those products for trade on a mass scale.

Often The Small Things Make a Big Difference

While Americans celebrate thinking big in business, it is often the “small” things that bring success.

John Oechsle, President and CEO of Swiftpage offers a few “small” tips every small business can incorporate or build on that are not only simple but are easy to implement on a budget: 

Small Business Leaders Need To Remain Open To Possibilities

“The future belongs to those who see the possibilities before they become obvious.”

To learn how small business leaders can devote part of their working day to this task, John Sculley, former CEO of Apple and Pepsi, has written a book offering a step-by-step approach.

The book, “Moonshot!” assists in the eye opening of possibility seekers.

Sculley has been an entrepreneur for over twenty years since his leaving Apple. He says now is the most interesting time to be an entrepreneur, due to the era of major technologies, analytics, internet, cell phones, etc.

A Mask For Ill-Occasions Offers Protection, Style

Achoo! In the airplane, the bus or around the new baby, it is the sound of germs spraying out of the mouths of the sick onto innocent bystanders.

In most cases, there are no tissues or masks in sight; no means of protection.

Jody Vitelli, CEO and founder of Tutem Mask, says “she felt passionate and indignant about the lack of movement to change this, so she took matters into her own hands.

As she explains, “beginning in 2012, I set out on a mission to develop and manufacture a fun-looking mask that would diminish the stigma behind wearing it.”