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Going Global Has Some Often Overlooked Pitfalls

There are pitfalls to going global many small businesses do not realize are in their paths.

According to H. Glen Jenkins, a CPA with Warren Averett, LLC, smaller enterprises can be caught up in the anti-bribery legal morass that have vexed large corporations in recent years.

Small Business Employee Healthcare Insurance: Yes Or No

Shock waves are hitting a majority of smaller businesses receiving notices about the premiums due for employee policies in 2016.

The new rates exceed 20% for many enterprises based on surveys done by Information Strategies, Inc. and other organizations.

An average 23% increases were reported in ISI’s survey of 233 randomly selected businesses under 50 employees. Other soundings surfaced similar increases ranging from 19% to 24%. One respondent reported a 49% increase.

Avoiding The Trap Of Bad Small Business Habits

Successful businesses are built on strategic leadership, smart decisions and entrepreneurial drive, but even the best business owners can fall prey to a few bad business habits.

Small business owners are not exempt from this.

Growth Requires Adding Staff, Smart Approaches To Management

It’s safe to say the majority of small business owners crave growth and expansion.

It’s typically associated with success, especially in the business world.

But growth can also create a number of challenges.

Oftentimes, businesses that experience success and development in the first few years are affected by stages of rapid change, which can alter the stability of the company. 

Maintaining growth can be difficult for anyone, regardless of the industry.

Cashing In: Small Businesses Appear Primed to Pay Higher Salaries

After a number of lean years, both during and after the Great Recession, small businesses are beginning to turn a corner. Their optimism about the economy is rising in concordance with increased profits and revenues.

Early indications in 2015 suggest this will lead to higher salaries for small business employees – a welcome shift for individuals and the larger economy.

Employee Training Fund Subsidies About To End

Training funds available to small businesses but deadline is near.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a Federal tax credit available to employers for hiring individuals from certain target groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment.