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Five Marketing Tips For Start-Ups

Most start-ups begin with an idea or product.

Often the owners focus on getting the product/service perfected without devoting attention to reaching potential users.

According to Alex Cotraviwat, CEO of the Marendo Group the most effective marketing tips he thinks are important include:

Rocking The Motorcycle World Leads To Successful Small Business

There is an old marketing adage: Fill a need, make money. Fill a desire, make a fortune.

But often there is more needed.

One man who found a need and filled it has rocked the motorcycle world.

And he credits his success to how he works with his staff.

Adam Xavier, Co-founder and Current CEO, developed a unique motorcycle locking system that soon formed his company known as RoadLok.

Xavier described, “I had many jobs, doing just about anything, during college which inadvertently taught me how to run a business.”

Individual Need, Research Leads To Successful Small Business

Finding a need based on his own experience, one entrepreneur did research before launching his new venture. The effort paid off in a successful business.

For years after Chris Riccobono graduated college, he recalls a struggle with finding a shirt with the perfect fit. He and his peers could never find a button-up shirt that was not too long. Riccobono accounts, “I tried on 150 shirts and not one of them was the perfect fit."

At least 95 percent of men he surveyed had thesame issue of finding a button-up shirt that fit right and did not fall too long.

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Making Customer Service, Employee Happiness Keys To Success

An entrepreneur who changed how salons are marketed, managed admits he is motivated by growth and a fear of failure.

This combination moved Michael Randazzo to follow his father’s footstep but with a plan to change how he managed his businesses.

The results are a chain of highly successful salons anchored on his employees’ well-being and their contributions.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Randazzo saw the stability in the salon industry through the observation of his father’s barber shop in New York.

Five Common Brand Building Obstacles

Someone has a great idea for a business. They just know it’s going to succeed. They’ve turned their den into an office and updated their social media. Now they sit back and wait until the business becomes the talk of the town.

Of course, that’s not how it works.